Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm happily chair-bounded

O yes, I still cant wait. And the physio doc doesn't support the idea of me using crutches all the time in order not to strain my right leg unnecessary. So most of the time I'm chair-bounded, wheeling around the house, or on my grandma's wheelchair. And being so, I can feel for the disabled more in a way also, especially those wheelchair bounded.

Generally, the neighborhood and Jurong Point is rather barrier-free, but I seriously dislike the steep slope. And also the color-ed lens of strangers. Some strangers are kind though, asking what happen and expressed their concern and well-wishes. But some looked at me like I'm an alien.

And guess what? I even went to catch two movies! Thankful to GV for the wheelchair lift at all the cinema halls. And of course Mr Boyfriend, who doesn't mind find it troublesome. And also the staffs at GV that we met that day were really friendly. Treated me like a normal person but just needed something special. Imagine having a good few minutes of the whole cinema hall totally to yourself.

Meal-wise, anything that contains seafood, besides fish, are off the limit. This is truly a torture. There's so many food out there that contains seafood! Even chilli. Torture.

After so many days at home, if you ask me if I'm bored at home, I will say rarely. Most of the time I'm occupied with either drama, painting, e-books or cooking/ baking. So I'm rarely bored. Especially now that I'm more used to being chair-bounded, I can get more things done myself too. But there's also stuffs I can't do.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly... 

Saturday, August 04, 2012

19 Days Post-Op

Before I step into AH on 16 Jul 12, I wasn't a bit bit scare of the operation. Weird yes, but somehow during pre-op days, I just want to enjoy them to the fullest because I know I won't be able to have the same fun for months. I met up with an old friend which I hadn't seen in 5years, I met up with my ex-colleagues, I met up with my dearest girlfriend and of course, I had the most amazing 5th year anniversary with Mr Boyfriend one week before the op.

On the day of the operation, get well wishes came flowing in through out the day from friends, some that we hadn't met nor spoke in awhile. I felt so glad that they care. No matter how busy we are in our own daily life, I was not forgotten. It meant a lot to me.

For first week post-op, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Inconvenient, yes. Uncomfortable, yes. But the constant visits from friends and colleagues and with Mr Boyfriend coming over every single day, it was still quite bearable.

12 days post-op, I had the stitches removed. It was freaking painful and I was screaming and crying my way through it.

And it took me a freaking 1 day to stop crying whenever I see the scars. There's three of them.

19 days post-op, I seriously hope the bone and cartilage are re-growing very nicely and healthily inside me. I don't wish to go through another round of this. Movements are better now, but another 4weeks before I can go on to partial weight bearing. For now, the leg knee is on no-weight-bearing, meaning, no walking around.

 Jia you.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

What happened to BLOGGER?!

O my tian!!! What happened to! The layout is a today 360degree change from the last time I log-in!

I had been too busy with Wordpress and neglected the blog that is closest to my heart.

Generally, life had been treating me pretty well. Instead of working long hours now, I make it a point to leave on time half the time and at times, my colleague will literally force me to leave the office. So I'm getting more of a 'life' outside the office right now. Manged to meet my babes for dinner and chill out too. But it's Mr Boyfriend who is busy with work now, almost OT-ing everyday.

And in two months, I will be going for a small operation for my knee. The cartilage was found to have damaged and my bone was also affected. It's 'no-heels' and 'no-gym' for me for another year after the operation. Comparing to others, it's consider small. But it's sure gonna affect everything for the coming months. Trying to try new things, new food, new recipes, meet up with friends because I won't be having the freedom of walking around for a good two months. And though the risk is small, no one can guarantee everything will be fine after this. I heard that the pain will be unbearable for the first week after the operation, some also mentioned that the feeling will be weird after the operation, some told me it will still never be the same and cartilage take years to recover. But which normal girl on earth doesn't wanna be pretty in heels? Which normal girl on earth doesn't wanna shop with ease? I doesn't really felt comfortable with functions nowadays because I can't attend in heels which is a normal thing to do. I can't dress up prettily in dresses because no flats nor shoes will go with them. Only heels.

And the only chance of me ever wearing heels is going for the operation.

Why not TCM? Because at the end of the day, TCM aids in releasing the pressure or whatever thingy and lessen the pain I'm getting. And not really curing it. I'm not trusting it.

How I miss my heels.

O well. On the happy side, I have set-up another site for FOOD! Bake Cook Love. It was actually born because I wanna share and also keep a site purely for what I love doing - blog, cook, bake, food! After a few months, Bake Cook Love had really taken baby steps and had likes for a few posts. It's a satisfactory that I can't describe. Comparing to those established bloggers, this is nothing, but it's something I love doing and doing something I love.

Felt good to finally be able to 'say' out the stuffs that had always been unknown to most.


Saturday, March 03, 2012

Happy Lovely Valentine's Day
Though outdated, I must still blog about this! *points above*

Mr Boyfriend never believes in buying real flowers. Since we got together, he had only bought real flowers two times - our first month and my graduation.

But for the 'ever-lasting' flowers (that's what he like to call them), he had given me three times - a glass rose from Phuket, a cloth rose from Hong Kong and the latest addition, paper roses from chocolate wrapper.

The latest addition given on Valentine's Day itself, I argued they are so tiny comparing to those real flowers on other girls' hands. And his reply? Theirs' were bought, mine was made by hand. How not to get touch by this? It's likely to be the one and only golden-chocolate-wrapper roses that day. I didn't even know he knew how to fold paper rose! And he claim he didn't mention he did not know. Now I wonder how many more 'talent' he is hiding.

Come to think of it. I still prefer to argue he ate 10 chocolates without me!

A pretty memorable night. Worthy for me to wait for him to finish school.

Why not three roses to represent "I love you"
Why nine?

Nine roses also represent "I love you"

"I love you" "I love you" "I love you"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What is the ideal wedding?

An event of two individuals really seems not so simple.
Parents' wants aside, what do we want?
Boyfriend mentioned about having pre-wedding shoot for memories.
Studio? Outdoor? Oversea?
I want a make-to-measure dress/ grown.
ROM lunch/dinner to include who? Relatives and friends?
Boyfriend's relatives alone is like super many.

Its not really as harass-free as I keep wanting it to be.

O well. But I'm still gonna enjoy it.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tomorrow, we will be 4years 7months 7 days old.

I can't express in words how grateful I am till today that he enters my life.
Stay by me all my downs and let me enjoy my ups truly from my heart.
Taught me to be a better person, to threw away my spoilt side.

Since school started for him, we had less time to ourselves.
Though we insisted on spending weekends together, but the private time for 'we' got lesser somehow.
But he make sure all the time that he is busy with his assignment, I have something to occupy myself.

That is how sweet he is.

He's not an expressive guy.
At times I didn't notice his intention till the later part.

What I love about him?


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Comparing to New Year, Lunar New Year seems more meaningful to me. Typical Chinese I am.

But sadly, over the years, house-hopping had lessen gradually. My family is a really small one, with my mum only having one sister and each of them have two children each. My father's side have one additional brother, but he had not been in contact with us since I was in primary school and had recently moved to a far far away place. Another close relative, my grandma's sister, had also moved to that far far away place a just slightly before 2012. Being Chinese tradition, we can't visit them this year.

I don't really have cousins my age either. There's a group of them, but they formed their own 'group' as my family is not that close to them either. So that only left my mum's sister's family and my father's sister's family. Pretty small ya?

Lunar New Year is like chinese-christmas to me. I love baking cookies to give away and for relatives who come visiting to munch on. It's a Chan-family tradition pass down from my mother. She used to do this, but it had became me now.

That's why home-visiting to Mr Lee's family had always been terrifying! His relatives are in tons! Not numbers. But its hard for him to comprehend because he's already used to that massive amount of people. It's really funny thinking about it. This is how different we are.

Its going to be Dragon Year in 30mins..
I hope everyone will have a smooth sailing year ahead with the Water Dragon.
Regardless school, work, relationship, family, friendship, financial and any other thing..